Docking Course

Whether in a pen, alongside a T-bar pontoon, bow first or stern first, docking and berthing can be a very daunting prospect for many sailors. Our docking course can help.

In a docking and berthing lesson with one of our EastSail instructors, you’ll have the chance to get hands on in a practical environment. Practice makes perfect, and with the opportunity to practice docking and refine your skills, you’ll be much more comfortable with this essential skill in the future.

Docking Course Details

The docking course is offered as a one hour private session with an experienced EastSail instructor. You will be at the helm and experience multiple different type of docking situations, experience which compliments any RYA course or qualification. Cost is $175.

Docking and berthing course syllabus

  • Reading the wind
  • Predicting how the wind will effect docking manoeuvres
  • Benefits of bow in or stern in
  • Setting docking lines
  • Boat handling coming ahead and going astern
  • Fender placement
  • Docking practice
  • Picking up moorings
Docking Course
Docking Courses

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