RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Shorebased

The Coastal Skipper / Yachtmaster shorebased course is a highly advanced and technical theory course. It is recommended for experienced yachtsmen and women who want to expand their knowledge and navigate offshore. The course provides vital knowledge for candidates for RYA Yachtmaster.

The Coastal Skipper shorebased is a comprehensive, advanced course in the theory elements of sailing including navigation, passage planning, tides, seamanship and meteorology. It is recommended that this course be completed either before, or at the same time as the Coastal Skipper practical course.

Coastal Skipper Shorebased Course Details

To take this course you should first have completed the Day Skipper shorebased certificate or equivalent navigation and safety course, plus have at least 10 days practical sailing experience. This course involves 40+ hours of classroom tuition, either as a 6 day course $1495, or online $650.
Dates: Online course available any time.
This fee includes the Coastal and Offshore Yachtmaster shorebased course kit which contains a Yachtmaster Handbook, RYA practice charts, sample exercises, practice navigation tables, chart plotter simulator, a soft lead pencil, sharpener and eraser. A plotter or parallel rule or similar and compasses are required for this course, we can supply for $50. Other RYA publications such as the Navigation handbook, Weather handbook, International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea are available to complement your learning. On successful completion of this course and the assessments you will receive the RYA Coastal Skipper shorebased certificate and be one step closer to passing the RYA Yachtmaster exam.

Coastal Skipper Shorebased Syllabus

  • Position fixing
  • Passage preparation and planning
  • Causes of tides and tidal anomalies
  • Pilotage
  • Restricted visibility
  • Port entries
  • GPS – advanced techniques
  • Customs regulations
  • Charter plotter
  • Raster and vector charts
  • Echo Sounders and logs
  • Magnetic compass
  • Radar fixes
  • Rising and dipping distances
  • Tidal curves
  • Computation of rates
  • Advanced meteorology
  • Collision regulations
  • Engineering
  • Safety at sea
  • Maintenance
  • Lights and light characteristics
RYA Coastal Skipper
Coastal Skipper Shorebased Course
Coastal Skipper Syllabus

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