Social Racing

Become a part of the EastSail community with our weekly social twilight racing and dockside debrief.

We run our own social twilight racing, crewed and skippered exclusively by EastSail graduates. A great way to gain experience after you have learnt to sail with us and widen your circle of acquaintances. Enjoy a debriefing after each race on our dock overlooking the water, including post-race snacks and drinks. Non EastSail trainees are welcome to join in this race on our monthly Sails and Ales Try Sailing dates.

Racing - details

Social club races run weekly for Eastsail graduates, on Saturday afternoons at 1:30pm from April to September and on Monday evenings from October until March at 5:30pm. $55 per race including snack and drinks, or $500 for 10 races until December 2018 and $60 per race or $550 for 10 races from January 2019.

Winter Racing Series Results

Winter Series 2018 Leaderboard
12 drop from 23 races
Place Points Skipper
1st 208 Cheryl
2nd 197 Mark Alley
3rd 163 John Quinn
4th 145 Alex
5th 108 Mark Swan
6th 16 Ian Hall
Previous 2 Race Scores (Handicap)
15th September 22nd September
Place Skipper Place Skipper
1st John Quinn 1st Alex
2nd Cheryl 2nd George
3rd Mark S 3rd Mark A
4th Mark A 4th John Quinn
5th Cheryl

Points System:

1st place: 20 points

2nd place: 18 points

3rd place: 17 points

4th place: 16 points

5th place: 15 points

6th place: 14 points


Drops will be applied throughout the season to discount each crew’s lowest scoring races. A drop will also be applied in the event a race is cancelled.


If the weather is unsuitable for racing, we will put an update at the top of this page.

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