RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Course

Get up close and personal with diesel engines and learn to maintain and repair common problems at sea. A highly recommended course for yacht owners, and Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster candidates.

This one day course provides an awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine and will give you the confidence and understanding to remove and replace parts and identify common problems which will inevitably occur on a vessel at sea. You will also be able to undertake routine servicing and maintenance tasks.This course is very hands on – you will spend some time on theory, some time working on a training engine in the class room and some hours “getting down and dirty” on an engine aboard a yacht. No previous experience required!

Course Details

This course is run by instructors from OMTC in Mosman, at a venue near the ferry jetty and Middle Harbour Yacht Club. This a one day course which runs from 9:00am-5:00pm for a fee of $325, which includes an RYA Diesel Engine course kit with Diesel Engine practical course notes and a course completion certificate.


  • How to identify the key parts of a diesel engine
  • Understanding fuel systems
  • Understanding the four stroke diesel cycle
  • How to bleed or vent diesel engines engines
  • How turbo chargers and intercoolers work
  • How pumps and impellors work
  • Understanding fresh and salt water cooling
  • Practical daily check lists
  • Understanding airway systems and fault finding
  • Marine electrical systems simplified
  • Recommended onboard spares and tool lists
  • Marine engine log books
  • Lubrication, winterisation and servicing
  • Fault finding made easy

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